Retail therapy

Cleaning, disinfection and hygiene within retail outlets

Many people are looking forward to spending time visiting shops and retail sites rather than online from their sofas. Shop fronts, public areas, fixtures and fittings have always been under constant scrutiny from customers. 
Premises now have to not only be visibly clean, but also hygienically clean. Reassessing your cleaning methods, processes and products are the first step to this process. Plus placing special attention on frequently touched areas not only reduces transmission risks but gives an added visual assurance to your customers.

At Vileda Professional, we can support the process by arranging a site visit to discuss a range of topics including:

  • General Cleaning Guidelines
  • Which cleaning method is hygienically right for you
  • The importance of cleaning in the disinfection process
  • Quality you can trust
  • Benefits of MicroFibres

For more information, please contact your Vileda Professional representative or download the Retail Therapy PDF.

Frequently touched areas

Alongside general cleaning processes special attention should be placed on the most frequently touched areas. To reduce the risk of transmission these surfaces should be cleaned more frequently.
Without being able to cover all contact points the most common are:

Shopping malls


Shopping malls

  • Handles
  • Tables and chairs
  • Touch Screens/POS screens
  • Coffee and vending machines
  • Lift/Elevator buttons
  • Staircase and escalator handrails
  • Public phones

Convenience stores


Convenience stores

  • Glass counters
  • Door handles of fridges and freezers
  • Fresh fruit, produce bag holders
  • Scales
  • Payment/card reader
  • Touch Screens/POS screens
  • Drinks machines

Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions

Vileda Professional has a comprehensive range of solutions for use with all cleaning methods and available in durable and single use formats. By choosing the correct system for your requirements, you can achieve better performance, ergonomics and lower your overall total cost in use.

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