The Vileda Professional dustbin — waste management at its finest

In areas where it is crucial to avoid cross contamination you need to take special care of a suitable waste management to keep hygiene standards intact. Furthermore, companies are becoming more aware of cleanliness and recycling — therefore, they prefer to keep a proper dustbin to dump their waste products. Keep your surroundings clean and store all your waste in a hygienic manner — explore the versatile range of Vileda Professional and find the perfect dustbin for your needs.

The right dustbin for your individual waste management requirements

If you choose a Vileda Professional dustbin you will benefit from:

  • Vileda Professional dustbins follow HACCP guidelines,
  • are suitable for professional use,
  • are easy to clean,
  • come in different colours — waste separation becomes easy,
  • are TUV certified

Vileda Professional pedal bins, as the ones of the HERA  range, are ideal for a variety of applications from healthcare patient rooms to food preparation areas. They comply with HACCP recommendations for a 'hands free' operation. Thanks to its large foot pedal, it is ideal for the use with safety shoes. The slow closing lid of the HERA dustbin is perfect for quiet environments. The integrated bag holder which ensures the correct fit of the waste bag as well as the anti-slip rubber bumpers which avoid movement in use are just some of the many advantages incorporated into the design. 
Vileda Professional’s waste management range is designed to merge quality and durability with contemporary building and interior design. The combined materials' technology which occurs in the IRIS and the GEO  range provides you with the durability and performance of plastic and the aesthetics of a metallic look. Besides, they are fingerprint, rust, and dent proof. GEO and IRIS dustbins are designed for indoor use.  
Our TITAN  selection is a range of multi-purpose dustbins which is developed for outdoor and indoor waste management. Innovative features as soft grip handles for easy lifting of heavy loads and its special bin structure which helps to remove heavy waste bags makes it a reliable partner when it comes to heavy-duty. To be even more effective in working with heavy loads up to 100 kg the wheeled TITAN DOLLY  can be adjusted. 
The ATLAS  mobile dustbin is ideal within a range of industrial environments. Its innovative features include a high-positioned back handle for easy mobility, large rubber wheels for an easy transport, a padlock eye which allows locking of the bin lid and an extra wide opening.
Choose from our wide assortment of dustbins in several shapes and sizes. Pick from our exhaustive range of quality dustbins and buy the perfect one that matches best with your needs.

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