Cleanroom wipes — the CE Wipes by Vileda Professional

Vileda Professional Cleanroom wipes are designed for the use in cleanrooms up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C/D within Pharma, Medical Device, Biopharma, Healthcare, and Microelectronics Industries. 
Our Cleanroom wipes easily wipe spills and remove particles from surfaces. Key is their unique and patented Evolon microfibre material. Evolon is a patented fully inline production process providing you with next generation microfibre cloths manufactured from endless microfibers measuring 0.15 dtex. This unique fabric combines good textile and mechanical properties. 
Vileda Professional offers you both – disposable and reusable CE wipe options. In addition, you will also find CE sponge in our assortment. These are particularly absorbent and suitable for the pre-prepared method or with a bucket. 
The balance between liquid absorbency and release to the surface is ideal for applying a film of liquid to surfaces in highly sensitive cleanroom areas. The Cleanroom wipes are designed to hold the right amount of liquid, distributing it evenly onto the surface, thereby reaching the desired and critical contact times. 
Selected Cleanroom CE Wipes from the Vileda Professional have been tested independently by Microsearch Laboratories proving a 99.999 % of bacterial, vegetative, spore or MRSA removal from surfaces, without the use of disinfectants. 
Get in contact with us for further support. We provide complete contamination control solutions including planning, trial programs and training. 

Remove contaminants in one wipe — Benefits of the Cleanroom Wipes

The Vileda Professional Cleanroom Wipes are ideal for cleaning sensitive and sterile areas where contamination must be avoided. The proven microfibre technology ensures a germ-free surface and excellent microbiological control.
These are the further benefits of the CE Wipes by Vileda Professional: 

  • 10 times finer than standard Polyester microfibers
  • Low particle shedding
  • Usage in cleanroom class ISO 5/GMP A+B/FED209D Class 100 and lower
  • Disposable or Reusable options 
  • The reusable CE Wipes can be washed and sterilized up to 20 cycles
  • Streak-free cleaning results on stainless steel, glass, and mirrors
  • High tear resistance and non-woven

The Cleanroom wipes provide you with the highest cleaning standards and full contamination control as required in highly sensitive cleanroom areas for example in:

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Semi-conductor production

All of our CE Controlled Environment products have been certified by independent institutes.
Find more products from the Controlled Environment Series, for example the Cleanroom Trolley  or the Cleanroom Pre Prepared Trolley. Maximize contamination control with the Cleanroom Wipes by Vileda Professional and purchase the CE Wipes now!

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