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From hand protection against bacteria, fungi, and viruses to washing up the dishes — cleaning gloves protect the skin against diluted chemicals, liquids, and detergents. Our cleaning gloves are designed to provide you with maximum protection whilst being ideal partners for a range of cleaning, health care and janitorial tasks. Vileda Professional offers a complete range of protective and comfortable gloves, each suitable for its respective professional task. And to the optimal cost-in-use. If you choose Vileda Professional, you will quickly notice our outstanding product quality and find the perfect glove to fit your needs. 

Browse our collection — your employee’s hands will thank you. 

Safe and comfortable — Vileda Professional Cleaning Gloves 

We want you to find the gloves that best fit with your needs. All Vileda Professional cleaning gloves:

  • Are easy to wear and to take off 
  • Leave the hands feeling fresh, dry, and clean even after extended use 
  • Keep hands pampered and protected to complete cleaning tasks in comfort
  • Provide an excellent protection against prolonged contact with water, diluted detergents, cleaning chemicals or disinfectants
  • Prevent glove sweat
  • Provide protection not only to the hands but to the wrists and lower arms as well
  • Can be used time and again without significant deterioration

The majority of gloves within the Vileda Professional product range are available in various designs and a number of sizes, allowing you to purchase a glove that fits properly to achieve the most comfortable cleaning experience. We make sure to provide you with the best possible level of dexterity and ensure that the user’s hands are protected as much as possible. 

Read on and find out more about our cleaning glove selection. 

Vileda Professional Latex-free Nitrile Cleaning Gloves 

The Vileda Professional latex-free cleaning gloves are a great alternative for people who are sensitive to latex and for those with latex allergies. Our latex-free glove selection provides a range of finishes for different needs:

  • Universal: The latex-free nitrile glove is a reliable partner for cleaning tasks with intense chemical use. The Universal glove   provides the user with a strong chemical resistance against a wide range of diluted chemicals, oils, and solvents combined with high dexterity and finger sensibility. Furthermore, it is applicable for food contact. The comfortable inner lining made of pure cotton offers a maximum comfort in use. 
  • LiteTuff: This disposable glove is ideal for persons with sensitive skin. LiteTuff gloves   are latex and powder-free to prevent sensitive skin from becoming irritated. Its low dermatitis potential, flexibility, and sensitive tactile feel makes it ideal for applications which require regular glove changes. Additionally, it provides protection against bacteria and viruses. LiteTuff gloves are suitable for food contact.

Latex-free gloves are an excellent allergy-free alternative to common latex gloves. Browse our product catalogue for more information.

Vileda Professional Latex Cleaning Gloves

Our convenient natural latex gloves perform superbly well when it comes to all kinds of cleaning tasks and offer a maximum safety in fulfilling hygiene requirements. 
For perfect control and feel check out our LightWeight gloves. These unlined natural latex gloves with a high tear resistance fit perfectly for cleaning tasks requiring control and feel of items.
When it comes to wet cleaning tasks requiring increased grip, the SafeGrip glove should be your first choice. Due to its raised grip pattern and its wax treatment it offers the user added grip and control on top of its good chemical resistance against diluted cleaning chemicals.
For special cleaning tasks with diluted strong chemicals in use and in-depth cleaning our 3 layer extra resistant latex-neoprene blended glove provides you with maximum protection. The HeavyWeight glove protects the user from diluted chemicals and against bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it performs superbly well for general cleaning tasks in General building and Health Care. 
Vileda Professional’s MultiPurpose glove is a natural latex glove that is suitable for all-round cleaning tasks. It is available in 4 colours for easy colour coding which offers maximum safety in fulfilling hygiene requirements. The high durability glove offers excellent cost efficiency and high anatomical comfort in use. Its good chemical resistance against diluted detergents and cleaning chemicals offers the user maximum protection.

Our latex-gloves offer excellent cost efficiency and high anatomical comfort in use. Find out more about our product selection in our Vileda Professional Cleaning Gloves Brochure.

Each of our Vileda Professional gloves has been designed to offer protection and maximum comfort. With our wide range of product categories, we offer you a variety of products for your needs. Check out our whole product selection.

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