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Bring retail hygiene and customer trust to the next level

Shop fronts and other public areas are under constant scrutiny from customers. That’s why people say, “retail is detail”. Especially when it comes to cleanliness: If just one spot is dirty, customers may assume the rest of the location is as well. Fixtures and fittings inside your store must look their best at any time. The quality of retail cleaning will influence the appeal of your store:

  • 96% of shoppers cite business appearance as extremely or somewhat important
  • 52% of shoppers have avoided a business because it looked “dirty” from the outside
  • More than 80% of shoppers didn’t return after their first visit – 32% cite “dirty” as the main reason why

Furthermore, health and safety regulations require all flooring and surfaces in shops, supermarkets and shopping centres to be kept clean to avoid accidental injuries like slipping on spilled liquids.

Our retail cleaning solutions help you to improve the cleaning results within your stores. They are designed for a multitude of different scenarios:

  • Supermarket cleaning
  • Shopping mall cleaning
  • Retail park cleaning
  • Other retail cleanings in general

Benefit from increased productivity

Retail cleaning operators need to work quickly and discreetly to not disrupt retail staff and customers during trading hours. Thus, cleaning utensils need to be simple and fast to use.

Vileda Professional solutions for retail cleaning and supermarkets allow safer cleaning, with less risk to customers, staff and stock while decreasing costs by speeding up the process, increasing your staff’s productivity and reducing needed chemicals.

Find out what our products can do for your specific needs. Contact us and allow us to advise you.

Safer retail cleaning pays off in more than one way

Peace of mind for your staff

By choosing our easy-to-use solutions and ergonomic products, you not only equip your staff with the best tools to do their work efficiently, but also prevent personnel absenteeism due to health problems:

  • EU surveys estimate the level of absenteeism at >12% with an average duration of 25 days
  • High proportion of absenteeism caused by asthma and dermatitis, because of chemicals and insufficient ventilation
  • 40% caused by musculoskeletal problems, which could be prevented by more ergonomic retail cleaning solutions

Remove bacteria

Our offer includes microfibre mops and cloths that remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. They also remove significantly higher levels of dust and dirt from surfaces than traditional cleaning. In addition, with microfibres there is no build-up of sticky chemical residue on hard to reach areas, such as behind shelving or under units, on which microorganisms thrive.

Prevent slipping

Having a dry floor is especially important: Slips and trips still represent 60% of the major injuries in retail stores – no other source of danger causes more accidents. The materials of our retail cleaning products and our recommended methods of use leave the floor almost dry.


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