Cleanroom Trolley – the Vileda Professional CE Trolleys for effective contamination control where highest cleanliness must be given

With the Vileda Professional Cleanroom Trolley you will achieve the highest cleaning standards as required in cleanrooms such as in the Pharmaceutical- and Medical Device Industry in order to carry out your work carefully and conscientiously. Rely on the superior level of cleanliness and ensure purity without exception. All of our CE Controlled Environment products have been well engineered and certified by independent institutes.
The Cleanroom Trolley guarantees excellent microbiological control while being easy to clean and sterilize. Therefore, they are ideal for the use in separated highly sensitive cleanroom areas e.g. in laboratories, in Pharmaceutical or Semi-conductor production. Besides microorganisms, also particle contamination can lead to non-compliance with production standards. All Cleanroom cleaning products are subject to disinfection or sterilization. Mop heads and wipes are tested for possible particle release. Our Vileda Professional trolleys ensure the compliance with high ISO and GMP cleanroom standards.

Features of the Cleanroom Trolley – CE Trolleys by Vileda Professional

Vileda Professional CE Trolleys are built to be configured with different racks, wringers, buckets and trays. The trolley is carrier for the required cleanroom cleaning tools. Additional benefits of the Cleanroom Trolleys are:

  • Professional cleaning technology for cleanrooms following ISO 14644 regulations
  • Matching CE Accessories  
  • Sufficient space for all necessary cleaning utensils
  • Effective results in cleaning and sanitising
  • Detachable design, easy to separate for sterilisation
  • All components are fully autoclavable for use in sterile areas
  • Easy to wipe down due to electro-polished stainless steel with air tight connections and smooth weldings

The Vileda Professional CE Trolley – product benefits and more

The cleanroom trolley is specifically designed for effective cleaning and full contamination control. It is constructed for cleanrooms in facilities which are manufacturing products and are adopting a contamination control program, including industries such as: 

  • Pharma
  • Medical device
  • Laboratories
  • Healthcare 
  • Microelectronics Industries

The high-quality material and design of our trolleys ensure a germ-free surface and excellent microbiological control. All parts can be sterilized. The Cleanroom trolleys can be used with the Vileda Professional Dip-N-Go sieve which is ideal for areas that require high disinfection contact times. The mop heads of the Vileda Professional Controlled Environment division are safe to be used in cleanrooms, as they are certified not to release particles.

All benefits of the Cleanroom Trolley ensure effective cleaning and full contamination control which are key to a profitable controlled environment production. When cleaning with the Vileda Professional CE Trolley, you meet the high ISO and GMP cleanroom standards. Beyond that, the Vileda Professional CE Trolleys are extraordinary functional. They offer enough space to hold all important cleaning utensils, for example the bin-bag holder, the flat mop frame holders or the innovative drawer shelf construction to store the Cleanroom Wipes . Each Vileda Professional cleanroom trolley is designed to support delivering the required disinfection results in Controlled Environments. The CE Trolleys from Vileda Professional can be ideally combined with various parts to ensure that you have a tailormade cleaning concept for your requirements. Our trolleys are extremely functional and versatile with superior ergonomics.  
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