Innovating together

Stay ahead with Vileda Professional

We develop industry-defining technologies, products, solutions and services together with our customers and research partners – because we do not want to think past them, but with them.

"Innovating for professionals" is our guiding principle in this process, meaning that we meet our customers on an equal footing and take their opinions into careful consideration.

With every new development, we try to surpass their expectations as well as our own limits. After all, we never wanted to float with the current, but to be ahead. Everything – from the smallest fabric to our vision of the future of cleaning – matches this idea.

Profit from the highest level of quality

Day in day out, we help to ensure office workers feel comfortable, hospital patients get well soon, hotel guests enjoy their stay and pharmaceuticals are produced safely.

The key to achieving this is exceptional quality: State of the art research and development, the best material selection, sustainable production methods and extensive testing of all our cleaning solutions.

This quality reflects positively not only on our brand but also on all the businesses that use our products: Working with Vileda Professional is as smart as it is profitable.

Rely on our business ethics

  • We are leaders not followers – we believe in creating a climate of constant development and improvement of products, processes, systems and human relations
  • We develop complete solutions rather than individual products – that makes the usage not only easier, but saves money in return
  • Our offering is developed to satisfy our customers current and future needs – we are only pleased when you are
  • We plan to stay ahead – every year, we invest heavily in developing concepts and solutions that reinforce your business position within the industry
  • We never stop learning – we do extensive networking to adjacent and far-off knowledge areas to get new ideas for innovative cleaning utensils