The Vileda Professional cleaning scourer — for a strong cleaning performance

If you choose Vileda Professional cleaning scourers and sponges, you'll quickly notice our outstanding product quality and extraordinary cleaning results. In comparison to poor quality scourers on which the top layer of abrasive fibres wears down, a Vileda Professional cleaning scourer provides you with a consistently strong cleaning performance and a minimum of effort. In a Vileda Professional scourer, every fibre is coated with grit and resin and the strong resin-to-fibre bond guarantees even wear of fibres and abrasives. This ensures an excellent cleaning performance throughout the lifetime of the scourer.

A cleaning scourer for all your needs by Vileda Professional

Our sponges and scourers are specifically designed to be gentle on surfaces while achieving the best results. We tested a variety of materials for our cleaning scourer selection to find the perfect balance for each purpose. This is why we provide you with:

  • Scourers with easy grip foam-backing  
  • Scouring fleeces 
  • Natural fibre scourers
  • Scouring balls
  • High quality scourers with sea foam imitation
  • Foam-backed scourers without abrasives

Learn more about the different properties of our cleaning scourers that fit your needs perfectly. Read more here.

Protects fingers and cleans several kinds of surfaces to a shiny result — The foam-backed scourer sponge

Foam-backed scourers are soft to your hands, give a good grip and enhances ergonomics. A scourer sponge with easy grip foam-backing keeps the scourer flat for a maximum contact with the cleaning surface.
Our product selection offers a variety of foam-backed cleaning scourers for different needs: 

  • High Foam Scourer Heavy Duty: Our high quality cleaning scourer with easy grip foam-backing and black scouring surface is a powerful partner when it comes to scouring on insensible surfaces. It removes strong incrustations easily and is suitable for the heaviest duty applications.
  • High Foam Scourer Strong: This Vileda Professional scourer with easy grip foam-backing and green scouring surface fits perfectly for general washing-up and mark removal. The sea foam imitation cleaning scorer comes also with a green abrasive surface and natural style foam-backing. 
  • High Foam Scourer Soft: Our scourers with easy grip foam-backing and blue scouring surface are made of nylon which does not rust or splinter. The soft, blue structure is more effective at removing marks than white scourers, but is still gentle to surfaces. It will not clog and is easy to rinse. Therefore it is ideal for sanitary areas
  • High Foam Scourer Non-Scratch : Foam-baked scourers with open soft white fleece perform a non-scratch cleaning of sensitive surfaces. The white scourer surface does not contain abrasive therefore it fits perfectly when it comes to clean bathrooms and kitchens. The colour coding system R/B/G/Y helps to prevent cross contamination and allows a cleaning process according to hygiene standards. 

Strong cleaning performances with PurActive, Inox and Miraclean

The Vileda Professional sponges and scourers are developed for professional usage and can be used for almost every purpose. The different product properties offer you versatile benefits that fit your needs perfectly. Our cleaning scourers with special coatings and features ensure even wear of fibres and abrasives, resulting in consistently excellent cleaning performances. Learn more about the different properties of our special cleaning scourers and what they are suitable for:
PurActive: A natural fibre scourer with very high absorbency that easily lifts grime whilst being gentle on surfaces. Quick drying provides hygienically cleaning and a pleasant use.
Inox: Our very resistant scouring ball is made of 100% stainless steel for a very high cleaning performance. The scouring ball is a strong partner when it comes to intensive scouring and removal of stubborn dirt.
Miraclean: Miraclean is our most popular problem-solver for spot-cleaning. With using water only it will instantly remove marks, stains and ground-in dirt.

Vileda Professional Handpads — ideal for the heaviest duty applications

Our scouring fleeces offer a high level cleaning performance for though jobs where a stronger cleaning scourer is needed. For delicate surfaces, such as in bathrooms we offer the Vileda Professional Handpad Non-Scratch to avoid scratches. 

Find out more about the perfect Vileda Professional cleaning scourer for your needs and check out our whole product selection for best results in the cleaning process. Buy your cleaning scourer now!

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