Swep Single r-MicroTech Mop (CC)

Vileda Professional’s first mop containing recycled materials

r for responsibility. r for resources. r for recycled. 

As a worldwide leader in cleaning solutions, we want to provide more than just products which keep sites and surfaces hygienically clean. They should also contribute to a healthy planet as well. That is why we created a whole new series of products. All of them are sustainably crafted and marked with an “r”.

Benefits of our Swep Single r-MicroTech Mop made from up to 30% recycled materials

The cleaning mop is made from up to 30% recycled polyester (post-consumer). It provides you with the same superior performance on any hard floor and durability as the virgin fibre product. Benefit with the Swep Single r-MicroTech mop from 100% Swep driven to next level:

  • Leader: Swep r-MicroTech mops, 50cm are re-using  3.5 PET bottles, 0.5 l in one Swep r-MicroTech Mop, 50cm, without compromising on cleaning performance and durability. Mops can be washed up to 900 cycles, tested at internal lab with chemical-thermal disinfection at 60°C. Furthermore, mops are used with the pre-prepared cleaning method, which significantly reduces the chemical and water consumption in floor mopping.
  • Performance: Microfibre cleaning performance leads to best-in-class hygienic cleaning cleaning result with *up to 99.99% removal of Bovine coronaviruses tested on vinyl surfaces at a 3rd party labThat leading cleaning efficiency is retained even when detergents are omitted.
  • Ergonomic: Effortless and easy in use. A 3rd party research measured and validated in an ergonomy analysis its ergonomic use in floor-mopping.
  • Recognition: Awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel , which is given amongst the best-in-class supplies for microfibre-based cleaning performance in terms of its environmental profile.

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