Cleaning trolleys – for practical and time-saving cleaning

Vileda cleaning trolleys make cleaning large areas easier and more effective. Public areas such as office buildings, hotels or hospitals are accessible for many people every day. To maintain proper hygiene, professional cleaning is essential and mandatory – especially in sensitive areas. The economic design is especially made for daily cleaning business in which functionality and efficiency are key factors in order to perform the tasks satisfactorily. 

This is why you need to provide your cleaning staff with effective equipment starting with Vileda cleaning trolleys which help you meet all the requirements necessary for the job. Save time and money because floor cleaning has never been more efficient. 

Easy cleaning with cleaning trolleys

In order for the cleaning staff to work efficiently, the cleaning equipment has to be practical as well as robust and easy to handle. A good cleaning trolley is comparable to a toolbox. It has to offer enough storage space for all the cleaning items needed for effective and thorough cleaning:

  • buckets
  • waste bags
  • mops
  • cloths
  • chemicals and
  • brushes

Also, large amounts of cleaning products must be stored safely and systematically. Cleaning trolleys help transport the cleaning items effortlessly and conveniently to all parts of your site. The trolleys are perfectly compatible with the buckets and mop boxes from our mop systems. The different compartments allow you to separate waste from other products while the vertical mop holder stores the mops safely and space-saving. Your cleaning personnel has a tough job to do, make it easier for them by providing a cleaning trolley which facilitates their daily tasks.

Cleaning trolleys by Vileda Professional

Our cleaning trolleys are specifically designed for commercial use. They have a robust metal frame and come in different versions, i.e. they are equipped with varying accessories and are available in different sizes. Use the many storing options to keep your cleaning items safe and organized. No matter which premises you want to use the cleaning carts for, you will find the appropriate version for your demands. Within our sustainable line we also offer recycled buckets and mop boxes.
We provide trolleys for different needs besides cleaning:

  • Janitor Trolleys
  • Housekeeping Trolleys
  • Hospital Cleaning Trolleys
  • and Cleaning Cart Accessories

Vileda’s benefit for you: You can configure your own cleaning trolley to provide the storage space you need specifically for your needs or the needs of your facility. Make use of the flexibility that the configurator offers. Learn more about configuring the Origo 2 − the new generation of cleaning.
Save time and energy: Allow your cleaning staff and yourself to work more easily and effectively with cleaning trolleys which take up little space, offer comfortable storage and give you a professional appearance. Order your cleaning trolleys now!

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