Second life plastic, first class solutions


Saving virgin plastic by using recycled materials that have already been used in a first service life is a strong contribution on our path to a circular economy.

Replacing virgin plastic with recycled materials that have already been used in their first life is a strong contributor on our path to a circular economy. 

We collaborate with many companies, such as IIP Srl (Istituto Italiano dei Plastici Srl), which certify that products bearing the „Plastica Seconda Vita“ label are manufactured using recycled materials and comply with the requirements of the „Plastica Seconda Vita“ environmental certification regulation Ed. 1 rev. 3 del 09/2018.

These partnerships allow us to use recycled materials without compromising on the high product quality you expect from Vileda Professional. All our PSV-certified Origo 2 containers comply with our rigorous product specification requirements resulting in no difference in functionality, durability and stability to 100% virgin products.

We invite you to take advantage of this brilliant opportunity and work with our new buckets and mop boxes labeled Plastica Seconda Vita. By joining us, you will be contributing to a more circular economy of the future. Let us be proud to use „recycled products“!

Black containers are not only valued by our customers due to sustainability, but also contribute to the unique look of our premium trolley line.

Meet our Plastica Seconda Vita awarded products: