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CombiSpeed Pro System

The CombiSpeed Pro System is designed for simple and effective flat mopping. Its low-profile design makes cleaning under tables, radiators and other low-hanging objects easy and ergonomically correct. Contact us now for advice!

Flat mopping – simple and effective

The user-friendly and sturdy CombiSpeed Pro is a simple, effective flat mop system for pocket and strip mops and is available in 40cm and 50cm. The system with its durable and lightweight frames and efficient cleaning mops can be moved easily reducing stress on shoulders and backs. And after the job is done its storage is easy, too. If you are looking for an even smaller option, check out the UltraSpeed Mini System or the UltraSpin Mini System.
CombiSpeed Pro includes a wide assortment of pocket and strip mops for use in a variety of applications:

  •  Hygienic single use mops for disposal after using 
  • Cost effective Contract and Base Mop
  • High performance Trio and MicroSpeed Plus Mop
  • Special application mops for safety floors

The handling of the CombiSpeed Pro System is easy: Pocket mops are just simply attached and applying a strip mop is simple as well, due to the clever and innovative patent pending strip-clamps that do not interfere when using the system with pocket mops.
Easily combine different mops and handles for your cleaning requirements and comfort. Use the telescopic handle for wide areas or choose between the Trio Mop or Contract Mop.

Meet your needs with the configurable mop system

Our wide range of pocket and strip mops ensures we have a mop that meets your requirements in terms of application, performance or budget. Each mop type is available in 40 cm and 50 cm sizes in both pocket and pocket/strip attachments with barcode labels and colour coding tags as standard. Contact us now for help and advice on our different mop systems or buy the CombiSpeed Pro System right now!