Swep Duo r-MicroTech Mop (CC)

Swep Duo r-MicroTech Mop by Vileda Professional — made from up to 30% recycled materials

r for responsibility. r for resources. r for recycled. 

Our intent as a worldwide leader in cleaning solutions is to provide long-lasting and eco-friendly cleaning options. They should also contribute to a healthy planet as well. All of them are sustainably crafted and marked with an r. The “r” stands for responsibility, recycling and resources which builds the basement of our central idea, a sustainable and reliable cleaning range. Use our contact form to get further information!

For responsible cleaning with hygienic results — Benefits of the Swep Duo r-MicroTech

The Swep r-MicroTech Mop is the first double sided mop from Vileda Professional containing recycled materials. It is made from up to 30% recycled materials and provides you with the same cleaning performance on any hard floor and durability as the virgin fibre product. When cleaning with Swep Duo r-MicroTech you benefit from 100% Swep driven to next level:

  • Microfibre cleaning power
  • *Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces tested at a 3rd party lab
  • Proven and externally certified ergonomics. 
  • Durability up to 900 washes tested at internal lab with chemical-thermal disinfection at 60°C
  • Pre-prepared use. Reduced chemical and water consumption
  • Sustainability, awarded by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Duo mops to clean further and Single mops for specific zones 

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