r-NanoTech micron

Recycled and durable micronfibre cleaning cloth

r-NanoTech micron is Vileda Professional’s recycled, durable and washable micronfibre cleaning cloth. Made from 67% recycled micronfibres which are made from 100% post-consumer plastic like PET-bottles, it is part of Vileda Professional’s ambition to create a more sustainable future. This ambition does not forfeit any of the qualities, Vileda Professional is known for – it comes with the same high-level cleaning performance and even the cleaning of fatty dirt on any surface can be done with excellent streak- and lint-free results.

The wipe removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses as well as 99.99% of the bovine coronavirus thanks to its advanced micronfibre-technology. Besides, the durable and washable micronfibre cleaning cloth does not require tumble drying, and thus saves time, energy and money while maintaining the highest level of hygiene: Even after 72 hours of storing the damp wipe in a pre-preparation box, there is no sign of considerable bacteria growth. Due to that, r-NanoTech micron is ideal to be used in healthcare areas, where a high level of cleanliness and hygiene are required. Besides this, r-NanoTech micron can be used in hygienic sensitive areas like canteens, hospitals and patient rooms. The four-colour coding system allows an easy differentiation of the cloth, reducing the risk of cross-contaminations. The durable and washable micronfibre cleaning cloth was designed for daily laundering without a dryer and is ideal for pre-preparation methods.

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