NanoTech micro

Win the battle against bacteria

Based on an intense research and development process we are proud to provide a cloth that has one clear goal - to keep your operational environment as hygienic and healthy as possible.
The NanoTech micro cloth does not only wipe away bacteria, it even kills them in direct contact as nano particles of silver have been embedded in the microfibre structure.

Silver is the secret

NanoTech micro is a microfibre cloth, but that's not all.
The secret lies in the nano particles of silver that have been embedded in the microfibre composition. And when silver gets in direct touch with bacteria and germs, it kills them. All in all it efficiently prevents bacterial growth, and the effect does not fade away when cloths are being washed.

Hygiene & Safety

With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards can be applied.


Quick and easy handling thanks to low friction.

Usage areas

Everywhere where top hygiene is paramount - e.g. hospitals, elderly people’≥ homes, kindergarten, restaurants and fast food environments etc.

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