VoleoPro - Accessories

Big in action small in size

VoleoPro and its great compatibility with the Vileda Professional cleaning utensils, allows you to configure the trolley according to your needs.

Different VoleoPro accessories with great compatibility:

  • Range of cleaning utensils allows easy configuration to meet your needs
  • Durable bag surround with eyelet fixation, 2 pockets for storage and zip opening for easy removal of waste
  • Multifunctional bridge for extra storage or used with pre-boxes
  • Swivel castor with locking mechanism
  • Variety of different types of buckets and boxes for use with bucket/press and pre-prepared cleaning methods
Description Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
UltraSpeed Press 113972 10 508097 1
VoleoPro Bin Bag Surround 70L 143730 5 143731 1
VoleoPro Multifunctional Bridge 143984 1 143985 1
VoleoPro Hook Set Basic 144003 10 144004 1
VoleoPro Swivel Castor with brake 144005 4 144006 1
VoleoPro Hook Set Standard 144231 10 144232 1

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