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Vileda Professional swep is the market leading pre-prepared damp flat mopping system.

Efficient. Ergonomic. Hygienic.
In 2000, the Swep System was the first pre-prepared damp flat mopping system by Vileda Professional.
It revolutionised the market and is still one of the leading cleaning systems in its anniversary year 2020.

Swep Duo and Swep Classic are innovative mop systems that clean everything from floors and stairs to walls and ceilings.
Swep is the leading floor cleaning system in hygiene relevant areas such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Invented in the Nordics for 20 years, Swep now plays a key role in many other cleaning markets.
Swep is the leading floor cleaning system in hygiene relevant areas such as hospitals and nursing homes


Cleaning, disinfection and hygiene within healthcare

Hygiene is essential in healthcare facilities, especially with rising infection rates. It ensures the health and well-being of people and is therefore of particular importance in an industry where the welfare of a person can be a “matter of life and death”.
For this reason, the highest standards of hygiene and maximum contamination control are crucial. Vileda Professional offers everything necessary to improve hygiene and minimize infection rates. All our cleaning concepts for healthcare facilities offer a flexible, state-of-the-art approach and can be used in many sensitive areas. Furthermore, we adapt all concepts to your specific requirements. Ensure the highest standards of hygiene with Vileda Professional.
At Vileda Professional, we can support the process by arranging the perfect production solution fitting your needs and customer requirements and discuss a range of topics including:

  • Infection prevention
  • The importance of cleaning in the disinfection process
  • Benefits of Microfibers
  • Which cleaning method is hygienically right for you

For more information, please contact your Vileda Professional Representative or download the extract from the Healthcare PDF to get a first impression.