Proven product quality

Choose Vileda Professional

We develop and manufacture most of our Vileda Professional cleaning utensils in house. This allows us to adhere to the highest quality standards: Our global production units have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Thus, every Vileda Professional product we provide, offers a consistent quality, and therefore minimizes risks in your daily business.

Products beyond standard

As a leader in innovations, special is standard to us – and that is, what sets us apart from others. We do not go for simple and cheap bulk products – and neither do our customers. What we deliver is individually matched to your demands and needs.

Also, the majority have been validated by independent test institutes – we offer only tested quality with proven durability and reliability.

Quality beyond products

With every Vileda Professional solution we offer you more than just a product: While products can be changed over time, our experience and competence within the cleaning business cannot be easily shifted out. That’s why a broad base of satisfied customers relies on:

  • Innovation excellence
  • Expertise in cleaning solutions
  • Product performance
  • Cost-in-use excellence

Value beyond costs

Our Vileda Professional quality pays off: Increased productivity, ease of use and a hygienically clean result is the name of the game – saving you time and money.

In addition, all our products have a strong sustainability focus, because we want them to last longer than comparable solutions. This means fewer phase-outs and lower overall investments – while maintaining a minimal environmental impact.

Work smarter, not harder

Ergonomics beyond basics

As long cleaning shifts put huge stresses on the human body our goal is to make people work smarter, not harder: That´s why we tackle ergonomics at the start of the R&D phase. As a result, our tools can be easily adapted and adjusted to every cleaner´s individual needs. Frames and handles with price winning ergonomic design, minimized weight and low friction lower the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Furthermore, we include comprehensive trainings in ergonomic product handling to ensure a comfortable low-stress cleaning approach.