r-MicroLite Max Mop

XL-performance and hygiene specialist

A high-performance mop designed for effortless gliding. Its innovative XL mop construction efficiently cleans larger spaces. Symmetric cleaning lips and all-over scrubbing islands ensure swift and effective corner and skirting board cleaning. With microfibres for deep cleaning, r-MicroLite Max excels as a hygiene specialist on various surfaces, including structured vinyl floors. Crafted for durability, it's fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

Product Benefits

  • Versatile: Suitable for sealed/smooth and structured vinyl floor
  • Enhanced coverage: XL mop efficiently covers larger areas
    • Precise cleaning: Symmetrical lips tackle corners and skirting boards
    • Microfibre mop glides smoothly and scrubbing islands target tough dirt
  • Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal on vinyl surfaces, tested by a third-party lab.
  • Eco conscious: Mono material, >35% fully recyclable materials
  • High durability, machine washable over 500 times
  • Optimized mop frame attachment, improved holding force of hook & loop backing and convenient mop hangers 
  • Manufactured in Europe
Description Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
Express Pro r-MicroLite Max (Hook&Loop, CC) 30 173395 20 173396 1
Express Pro r-MicroLite Max (Hook&Loop, CC) 60 173425 20 173394 1

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