Our recycled washable cleaning cloth for hygiene sensitive areas

r-MicronQuick is Vileda Professional’s durable and washable cleaning cloth. The cloth is made from 70% recycled micronfibres, which achieve superior cleaning performance even in microscopic structures and remove up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with just water. Due to this, the r-MicronQuick is ideal for healthcare areas, where a high level of cleanliness and hygiene are required. The four colour coding system allows a differentiation of the cloth, which reduces the risk of potential cross-contaminations.

Besides its use in hygienic sensitive areas like canteens, hospitals and patient rooms, the washable cleaning cloth is suitable for a multitude of environments. Wipe every surface such as stainless steel, plastic or ceramic clean in only one wipe without leaving any unpleasant streaks. This multi-use cloth is specifically designed for daily laundering and is ideal for the pre-preparation methods, which sustainably reduce the usage of chemicals, save water and time. The superior washing resistance allows daily use with lint-free cleaning results.

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