MicroClean Plus

Microfibre cloth for one-step cleaning

MicroClean Plus is the perfect cloth for demanding cleaning tasks on every kind of hard surfaces.


Excellent cleaning performance and streak-free result in just one cleaning step saves time and money. The durability of MicroClean Plus guarantees low costs in use.

Hygiene & Safety

With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards can be applied. As MicroClean Plus dries quickly, bacteria growth is prevented.


The use of a high-performance, durable cloth reduces waste and protects the environment.


MicroClean Plus is made of endless microfibres by utilising a Freudenberg patented non-woven production process and a revolutionary new technology of microfibre production, the Micron Fibre Technology. Compared to existing microfibres, each Micron Fibre has been split up into 32 segments instead of normally only 16 segments.


MicroClean Plus can be used with the pre-preparation of cloths in buckets/boxes and cleaning solution in healthcare environments. It is also applicable for demanding cleaning tasks in General Building Cleaning and Hotels/Restaurants/Catering on every kind of surface.

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