SprayPro INOX Set – CombiSpeed 40cm (incl. CombiSpeed and Trio Mop 40cm)

Just spray and mop!

Wet, damp or dry mopping? Washing facilities or not? No problem! SprayPro Inox is compatible with all leading single and multi-use floor-cleaning systems, allowing easy adaptation of your on-site conditions and needs. With no need for wringing of mops or filling/emptying heavy buckets SprayPro Inox is simple and easy to use making it ideal for use by both professional and semi-professional cleaners. SprayPro Inox is always ready to use & simply fill the handle with solution, close the cap and you're ready. Press the trigger to spray solution onto the floor and start mopping. If the mop becomes too dry or you need to add more water to the floor surface & just pull the trigger again. Plus as you have control over the amount of water released you can reduce slip hazards in high traffic areas.

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