Superior Hand Brush

Designed to comply with HACCP requirements

Constructed from easy-to-clean high grade plastic and synthetic filaments, Vileda Professiona's Superior brushware range offers best in class hygiene in use. The abrasion resistant bristles consist of Polyester PBT-filaments with excellent bend as well as a high resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils, organic solvents and detergents. The strong Polypropylene plastic material withstands heavy use. Its smooth finish helps to prevent soil clinging to the surface. Non-rust staples fix the tufts and ensure long-lasting hygiene. The Superior brushware range is heat resistant and can be autoclaved up to 134°C for optimal hygiene. Designed for maximum cleaning performance. Short handle general purpose brush with stiff Polyester PBT-bristles that is versatile and suitable for everyday cleaning applications. Ideal for cleaning stubborn dirt on rough as well as on plain surfaces. It has a built in hook for easy drying and storage. Autoclavable up to 134°C. Designed to cover all everyday brushing needs on surfaces - Use for dry, damp or wet application.

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